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Collection: Tipsyboxes (nationwide)

We aim to ship all orders next working day, expect delivery within 2-4 working days. 
Check out our tipsyjars below.

Each tipsyjar cocktail comes unshaken, unmixed, ready to pour into your tipsyjar.
Please note each cocktail sachet contains 2 servings and come with garnish. 
We ship one jar with up to every 4 cocktails. For example if you by 3 cocktails you get 1 jar, but if you were to purchase 6 cocktails you get 2 jars.
With the tipsybox all cocktail ingredients and garnishes come separated in individual packages, please refrigerate on delivery.
As soon as you're ready to drink follow the instructions and enjoy!
Can be stored for up to 7- 14 days.
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