Suspect Board

 Lady Beetroot

Found the victim on the floor after the black out. Earlier in the night she had to run to the bathroom in embarrassment after her husband warned her not to put on so much hair spray, but she wanted to look good for her granddaughter. Whilst leaning over a candle, her hair caught alight. Luckily it was quickly put out... However, afterwards she was deeply humiliated when the man sat at another table couldn't control his laughter, while shouting “go home old lady, I didn't know care homes could let you out this late?"


 Jake Paloma 

Jake is a UEA student on a night out with course friends to celebrate handing in their assignment after Watson moved the deadline forward to tonight, selfishly out of the blue with no warning. He already isn’t popular amongst students, and everyone agreed that this is the last straw.










 Jessica Aviation 

Jessica is also on Jake’s course and out with him tonight, but Jessica has an even bigger vendetta. She had to rush back to uni last minute to get the assignment done despite being called home for a family emergency. She wasn’t looking forward to leaving home and coming back to Norwich.




Cami Maple 

Cami is a Canadian student studying at UEA on the same course as Jessica and Jake. Cami and Jake live together and have previously dated, Cami just wants to be friends but thinks Jake wants more. However, Cami has had her eye on another, but can’t tell anyone and doesn’t want to, as the secret meet ups fuel the passion. What they don’t know can’t hurt them.



Dr. Peach 

Peach is another lecturer at UEA and in the same department as the victim. She has her suspicions that he’s having an affair with a student, and believes she caught them kissing off campus, but they didn’t see her. Before she can confront him, she needs proof, so she is meeting someone tonight who works for the building security company claiming he has something to show her!




Josh works for the university security department as an electrician’s assistant and has access to the CCTV. Last month he was asked by Dr Peach if he’d seen anything suspicious on the cameras, but he doesn’t care much and therefore doesn’t pay too much attention. The job itself is just to keep him going until he can reapply for uni next year. Dr Peach has assured him if he helps her, she’ll help him...




Jazz is Lady Beetroot’s Granddaughter, she cares more about her TikTok followers than spending time with her Grandma, but taking her out looks good on the gram. Well it did until her Grandma’s hair caught fire and the knob on the table across the bar started laughing and mocking them. Jazz has watched enough true crime series and has convinced herself she could get away with revenge if push comes to shove!



Mr Steven Pear

Mr. Steven Pear is down visiting his daughter at university, Steven usually has a calm temperament but after visiting his daughter at the café she waitresses in, he witnessed how poorly one of the lecturers was treating her while she was working. This ignited the rage of a protective father, especially after hearing this isn't the first time that he’s acted this way...





June is out with her Dad after he surprised her by coming down for the weekend. She loves university and her nursing course, she has great friends, and really enjoys her job except for one customer who give her crippling anxiety. She tried telling her boss, but she said there’s nothing they can do as it’s the uni café and he’s a lecturer.







Danny is drinking by himself; he seems to have an incredibly close eye on Cami, but isn’t interacting with anyone. He’s polite and tips well, though the team can’t work out his accent, possibly Canadian…