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Cocktails (2 servings)  & Beer (1 x 440ml can)

Cocktails (2 servings) & Beer (1 x 440ml can)

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We have teamed up with Ampersand Brewery to offer some of their fantastic Craft Norfolk Beers alongside your Tipsyjar cocktail.

Select your cocktail and beer below.


See our drinks menu for full details of our cocktails.


Hypothesis - Imperial Stout - 8.0% ABV 440ml

"A big stout that concentrates on the roasted & chocolate flavours coming from the deceptively simple malt bill. Bittered with the clean Magnum and finished with plenty of English Pilgrim hops to add balance through spicy bitterness." 

Recommended Cocktail paring - Espresso Martini - For the rich Roasted coffee and Dark Chocolate notes.



Las Piñas - Pineapple & Tea Wheat Beer - 5.0% ABV 440ml

Brewed in collaboration with Boutilliers and named in honour of the 'pineapple' City in the Philippines where Drew's family originate from, this is an American style wheat beer that has a double dose of pineapple. El Dorado, Pekko & Chinook hops provide the bite with the pineapple puree added during fermentation followed by pineapple tea as part of the dry hop."

Recommended Cocktail paring - Fineapple -  For the fruit and nutty texture, a modern twist on the classic pinacolada. 


Parity - West Coast Pale - 5.0% ABV 440ml

A Pale Ale brewed to the West Coast style using classic hops in perfect balance with a pale malt base. Cascade, Centennial, Chinook & Columbus hops give their distinct spicy & citrus flavours with a nice dry bitterness in the background. The world needs more balance, equality & Parity.”

Recommended Cocktail paring - Bramble Twist  - great balance warmth and sweetness that comes from the raspberry port syrup, works really well with the Sourness of the dehydrated Raspberries.

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