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Back! Autumn Fall (2 servings)

Back! Autumn Fall (2 servings)

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Fun autumn favorite cocktail, with Bourbon, sweet pumpkin spice & honey. Comforting cosy drink perfect for colder days and rainy nights.



Pumpkin Spice, Bourbon, Honey Whisky Liqueur (add 75ml Milk or Oat Milk)


Cinnamon Stick & Sugar 


Add 75ml of milk to the jar with the rest of the ingredients, add ice up to the label. Add lid and Shake. Best served in highball or Mule glasses with plenty of ice. 

ABV 18%

Not Vegan - Cream/Honey

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While we do not use nuts in this recipe, we cannot guarantee them to be nut free. If you have any serious concerns please contact us before ordering.