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Tipsyjar Dry Box - (3 Cocktails - 6 servings)

Tipsyjar Dry Box - (3 Cocktails - 6 servings)

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Tipsyjar Dry Box;

If you like a Dry cocktail we recommend you try this box, including our:

Negroni, Lavender Aviation, Tipsy Martini. 

This box also comes with a bar spoon, so you can decided if you want to it shaken or stirred. 

Please read our drinks menu to find out more about the cocktails. 

The Tipsy Martini is an exclusive to this box,


French Vodka, London Dry Gin, Plum Bitters, Grapefruit Spritz. 

Garnishes are included. 

Please refrigerate on delivery

With the tipsybox all cocktail ingredients come separated in individual packages, as soon as you're ready to drink add ingredients to the jar with ice and shake or stir (old fashioned & Negroni).

Each cocktail contains 2 servings.  

Can be stored for up to 7 days