Whats your favourite scary cocktail?

Whats your favourite scary cocktail?

Transport to Woodsboro for this years halloween themed cocktail menu

We are offering scream themed cocktails this halloween, served to you in the bar by Ghostface - but who is really under the mask?

Designed in house, garnished with bespoke cocktail toppers and Billy Loomis' lollypop, join us  for 6 original cocktails tributing the horror series.

'Welcome to Woodsboro' - the location of the first film, where the brutal murders take place.

'Whats your favourite scary movie' - the famous line spoken on the phone by ghostface whilst taunting his victims

'Not me Mr Ghost Face, I wanna be in the sequel!' - Spoken by Sidney Prescott's best friend when faced with ghostface, though she suspected it was a party goer playing a prank on her. She soon realised it was the real deal, when ghostface made her take him seriously during their chase in the garage 

'Billy Loomis' - Main character Sidney Prescott's boyfriend in the first film, though perhaps he wasn't the best boyfriend in the world...! 

'Join me for the stabathon' - Taunted in the films 


'Good Evening Woodsboro, this is Gail Weathers coming to you live' - Gail Weathers, Woodsboro's ambitious news reporter, looking to break the next big story, and these murders might just be her ticket to Hollywood. 

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